Frecventa, Examene si Notari

1. Students must be committed to the task.  C.I.B.B. endeavors to serve the Christians of this region by teaching them biblical doctrine and helping them to apply it practically.  We are trying to help prepare believers to better serve the Lord.  Visiting professors and others commit themselves to serving you, spending considerable time and money for each course.  Students must also commit themselves to being present for classes, doing the work, and taking the exams on time.

     2.  You must be at class for a minimum of 70% of the lectures.  If you are unable to do so, then you must view a minimum of 70% of the videotaped session, or 70% of a combination of the two (live and CDs). Please check the schedule. The schedule will be as follows: Thursday and Friday 13:00–20:00; Saturday 9:00-10:15 (test), 10:30-13:45 (course). Any changes to this schedule will be announced in class. Those who have not met the attendance criteria will lose points from their course grade. An exception may be granted in the case of a true emergency or exceptional situation. *Note: Even though the DVDs are available, we strongly encourage you not to rely on them, but to be present for class whenever possible.

     3.  An attendance record will be kept. You will need to record your own presence each day as you enter the classroom.  Please record only your own presence and not also a friend’s.

     4.  All reading, memorization, and other assignments are due on the day of the exam, except when otherwise announced in class.  Exams taken and work turned in up to one month late will receive a 5 points reduction of the score; more than one month late will receive 10 points reduction of the score. Only two course grades below 70 points are allowed per year.  However, a student with any grade below 60 points in a given course will need to retake the exam and/or finish any incomplete work, with a maximum grade of 70 points possible after re-taking it.

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